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Christmas Webquest

Mrs. Peters


Christmas is one of the most well-known and exciting holidays of the year. There are traditions and customs that help celebrate this holiday.  This webquest will give an understanding of the background of this festive time of year along with learning about Christmas customs and traditions in the country of England.

The Task:
Using the information available on this website you will be able to answer the following  questions about traditional English customs.

The Process:  On a sheet of lined notebook paper write the following information at the top. 

[your class section]
Christmas Web Quest
[your name]


Click on the links below each question to find the answers.   Write your answers in complete sentences using correct grammar.  

Good Luck!


1. What year did Christmas begin in England?

2. Christmas pudding is a well-known English dish.  List the 15 ingredients used in the recipe for Christmas pudding.

3. What is dropped into the pudding before being cooked and is said to bring 'health, wealth, and happiness' to whomever may find it?
4. What is a traditional British Christmas play called?


5. In your own words, give some information about "Boxing Day" using at least five sentences.

7. When did Christmas Trees first become popular in England?

8. What did people used to decorate their trees with during the Victorian times?

9. When was the first Christmas card sent and who printed it?

10. What are the songs sung at Christmas time called?  

11. Why is Christmas Eve an exciting time for children in England and what do the children do that night?

12. What is a Christmas 'cracker' and explain how it is made and how it works. 

13. What traditionally happens at three o'clock on Christmas Day?  

14. What foods make up a traditional Christmas dinner eaten on Christmas Day?  

15. What was the traditional Christmas dinner in the past?
16. Give the history of 'mistletoe'.   

17. The Brittish author, Charles Dickens wrote the book, 'A Christmas Carol".  Give the name of four of the characters in this well-known Christmas story.

18. Pick three countries from the website below.  For each country, give three facts on the traditions of how Christmas is celebrated in that particular country. 
[Thanks & a "tip o' the hat" to Mrs. Galvin's class from Charlton, North Carolina for the great website!]




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