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Grade 5




Social Studies

How-To's & Tutorials

Mrs. Held's Stuff!


Civil War


Infection Detection

Witty Comics

English Colonies


Oregon Trail

U.S. Documents      
U.S. Symbols      

Cowboys & Gunslingsers


World War II





What's Going On In the World
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How-To's & Tutorials


PowerPoint 2010


PowerPoint - (LearnFree.Org)


PowerPoint - Atomic Learning


Social Studies


Civil War

Civil War People      
English Colonies    

The Original Thirteen Colonies

The Thirteen Colonies

Colony Characteristics


Maps & Dates

The start of the colonies

Each colony had its own unique characteristics, but historians lump them into groups based on where they were, why they were founded, and what kinds of industry they had  
  Colonial Women's Clothing Colonial Men's Clothing Betsy Ross
  You will need earphones You will need earphones  

Daily Life in the Colonies

Tradesmen in Colonial America

A colonist's day on the farm

The colonial alternative to "going to college"
Cowboys & Gunslingers    
Gunslingers & Outlaws

Frontier Times- Outlaws


Wyatt Earp

Bat Masterson

WE - (

BM (Ford County Historical Society)
WE - (Essortment) BM #2
WE - BiographyBase) BM #3
WE - (Spartacus Educational) BM - (Spartacus Educational)

Theodore Roosevelt - North Dakota Cowboy

Wild Bill Hickok

TR - (Theodore WBH - (Legends of America)
TR - Theodore Roosevelt Diary WBH (Spartacus Educational)
TR - Story of the Teddy Bear WBH - (Dead Man's Hand)
 TR - Photos  
TR - Badlands  

John King Fisher

Buffalo Bill

JK #1 BB (Museum & Grave)
JK - (Voice of the Texas Hills) BB (Legends of America)
JK - Frontier Times BB - (Spartacus Educational)




Sundance Kid (Harry Longabaugh)

Billy the Kid

SK - (

BK- (Notable Biographies)
SK - (Spartacus Educational) BK - (
SK - ( BK - (About Billy the Kid)

SK - (

BK - Frontier Times

BK - (Spartacus Educational)

Calamity Jane Annie Oakley

CJ (

AO - (Women in History)

Calamity Jane - Rowdy Women of the West

AO (GDPraise)

CJ - Cowgirls of the West

AO (Trapshooting Hall of Fame)

CJ - (Spartacus Educational)

AO - (Spartacus Educational)

Jesse James Pauline Cushman

JJ - InfoPlease

PC - American Civil

JJ - City of St. Joseph, Mo

PC - (

JJ- All Sands

PC - (Spartacus Educational)

JJ - Frontier Times

PC - (National Park Service)
JJ - (Spartacus Educational) PC - Picture
    PC - Picture2

Butch Cassidy

BC - (  
BC #2  
BC - (  

BC - Picture

BC - (Spartacus Educational)    
World War II  
Children of World War II   Anne Frank
Find out what life was like for children in Great Britain during World War II   Who is Anne Frank The Secret Annex where Anne Frank and her family lived in hiding during World War II
Disney Goes to War   Anne Frank Images
Pictures of Disney cartoon characters during World War II.  Scroll down to the bottom for a slideshow of the pictures   Image 1
Image 3
Image 2
Image 4
Image 6
Statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam where Anne lived.
Image 7
Picture of the house where Anne and her family hid in during World War II
Image 8
The memorial to Margot and Anne Frank who died in during the War
Anne's Diary Edith Frank
Anne's mother
The Frank family
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Mrs. Held's Stuff

 Oregon Trail    
Website 1 Website 2 Website 3 Website 4
All About the Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail (ThinkQuest)

Map & Links

What is the Oregon Trail?

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This is Sand

WANTED Poster- 1 Jason's Lemonade Stand
    WANTED Poster- 2  
      Excel Sheet for Jason's Lemonade
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Computer 5 folder
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What's Going On In the World??

(News & Current Events)


 Time for Kids Sports Illustrated for Kids Kids Post Dogo News
  Weekly Reader News for Kids  


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Travels & Adventure



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