Internet Safety

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Topic 1:  Giving Out Information Online

  Website #1:  Safe Internet Surfing  (Worksheet)  


Topic 2:  Choosing Good Passwords

  When choosing a password, it is important to choose a strong, secure password that will be difficult for others to figure out. Hacking into another person's account can vary from something small like losing one's privacy to something mroe serious like identity theft.

Using the Internet links below, go to the following three websites and read the articles on important things to consider when creating a password. As you read, write down 17 key points or important things about choosing good passwords. Use complete sentences. Place your paper in the assignment box when finished.   
(17 key points - Handwritten) 
  Website #1.  Create Strong Passwords (Microsoft)  
  Website #2   Creating Strong Passwords (Website Compass)  
  Website #3   Choosing a Good Password (  


Topic 3:  Sexting

  Website #1.   Sexting Tips from  (Worksheet)  
  Website #2.    View the video, Dangers of Teen Sexting  (CBS News Video)  After watching the video, in your computer class notebook, write a reflective paragraph of your thoughts on the video - (at least 4 sentences).    (Journaling Paragraph  - Use "Dangers of Teen Sexting" as title)  
  Website #3 So You Received a Sext...... Now What??  After reading the article, write a reflective paragraph in your computer class notebook  (at least 4 sentences).     (Journaling Paragraph  - Use "Now What" as title)  


Topic 4:  Cyber Bullying

  Website #1.  What is Cyber Bullying  (Worksheet)  
  Website #2.  Stop Cyber Bullying  (Worksheet)  
  Website #3.  How are Teen Cyber Bullied  (Worksheet)  
  Website #4.  Cyber Bullying Top Ten Tips for Teens (Worksheet)  
  Cyber Bullying Activity:  
  The class will be divided into small groups and given two sheets; one listing different cyber bullying scenarios and the other for writing the answers from the group discussion.  Read each scenario out loud, discuss the questions that follow.   Before you start, your group will  decide on a reader and a recorder to write.  As you do the activity, keep in mind there may be more than one correct answer.   


Activity 1:   Internet Safety Facts

In your computer class notebook, write down 10 (ten) facts for each of the following categories of Internet Safety.  You may use Google to search.  Look for facts and material that is up to date and newer (within the last 4 to 5 years).  When finished, hand in your notebook to be graded.  (This assignment must be done in your computer class notebook)

 1)  Cyber Bullying


 2)  Online Predators


 3)  Identity Theft


 4)  Sexting


 5)  Privacy (settings like those on a social network such as Facebook and MySpace)


 6) Peer-to-Peer File Sharing (illegal downloading of  music, movies, or any copyrighted material from one person's computer to another)

 7) Spam, Viruses, & Hackers








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