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Propaganda Techniques Worksheet      
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Photoshop Elements 6

Tutorial Videos        
Bridal Couple Against a B/W Backdrop        

Website Evaluation 

Click on a link below.  Evaluate the website that opens using the handout from Mrs. Peters.
Have You Seen This Girl California Crop Under Challenge
Bear Center Deflector Beanie
Buy Dehydrated Water 13 American Colonies
Dog Island Dihydrogen Monoxide
 Burmese Mountain Dog  Historic Killer Tornado 
 Feline Reactions to Bearded Men  Republic of Molossia 
Boilerplate: Mechanical Marvel of the 19th Century  All About Explorers 
Bureau of Sasquatch Affairs  City of Fredericton 
Mankato (MN) Home Page Explorers 
California's Velcro Crop Under Challenge Buy an Ancestor Online
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Tech 4 Fun      
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